BB Estates – Loft love

The time has come: we will be opening our next location on the first of June. A new chapter in our success story is starting in Wiesbaden, the beautiful state capital of Hesse.


We have been active in the Wiesbaden property market for a long time. Having our own local office will enable us to act even faster and expand our activities intensively.


Finding the ideal office for us was not so easy. The city’s gorgeous old buildings are true gems, yet we were not looking for stucco embellishments and high ceilings, but for something truly special. That’s why we are all the more delighted to have finally found the perfect space for us.


A dreamy loft will become our new base in Wiesbaden. Perfect for us and for you, our business partners, clients, and employees. The brick walls wonderfully enhance the spacious loft feeling. The large windows and doors provide ideal lighting that captured our hearts at first sight. Highlights include the gallery and our own bar. No, you didn’t misread that! We can’t wait to inaugurate the bar with you. In addition, we will use a large room in the basement of the building for training sessions and meetings, as well as holding parties there.


The loft is not a typical space for a real estate firm. That’s why it suits us so well. We have long been more than just your normal estate agent. As an innovative and dynamic estate agency, we have found the ideal location for us in Wiesbaden. Here we can be creative, think outside the box, conquer the market with active storytelling, and continue to evolve.


The premises were previously used as a showroom by a well-known fashion label. Now we are breathing new life into the building.


We hereby invite you to feel the spirit of the place for yourself! Just drop by for an espresso in our new loft or celebrate with us at the next BB party.



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BB Estates – Training programme for real estate heroes

Do you want to become a real estate hero? Start your training in our headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. Every year we look for young, motivated creative thinkers who would like to conquer the world of real estate with us. People that want to change and improve the world – just like real heroes do.


Many have already made it. Our office manager, for example: She started out with us ten years ago in the training programme. Today she manages the BB Estates headquarters and trains our “young guns”. Many of our former trainees are now amongst our best sales agents. This could be your career path with us, too!


What makes our trainees so successful? After more than 40 years in the business, we know the real estate industry inside and out. With expert knowledge, passion and our unique corporate structure, we offer the ideal breeding ground for success.


Of course, it would be nothing without your curiosity and your commitment.


– Does work mean much more to you than just marking time?
– Do you want to experience passion rather than just get the job done?
– Are you looking for more than just colleagues, namely true team-players for your professional future?


Then apply to us.


Here’s how training at BB Estates works: The trainees go through various departments in our loft headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. They work their way into the industry and into the BB Estates culture. This way, they get a better understanding of how our company works. Afterwards, our trainees decide whether to continue on their way in the sales team or in the office team. They also choose their future location.


No matter which path our trainees choose, they all become real estate heroes. That’s because, with us, trainees have the opportunity to bring out the best in themselves and to develop both professionally and personally. After all, training to become a real estate hero is much more than just a play on words. True: Our trainees aren’t equipped with supernatural powers at the end of their training, but they will have learned how to master even very difficult challenges, undaunted and with competence. This is of benefit to the trainees themselves, but also to us as a company and, above all, to the customers.


The ability to tackle and solve even unfamiliar tasks with self-confidence and sound knowledge is priceless for every individual. The successful and satisfied trainees from BB Estates speak for themselves.


Do you have what it takes to be a real estate hero? Then you’ve come to the right place!



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BB Estates – Real Estate Marketing 2.0

Real estate marketing has long been equated with placing ads. Those days are gone. For effective marketing, analysis, planning, implementation and control are essential. For consumer goods, this has long been the standard but is something of a new trend in the real estate industry.


The rebranding of our company in the second quarter of 2018 also brought new challenges for marketing. The relaunch of the design was just one of these. In order to be able to react more accurately and quickly, we founded our own marketing team. Previously, all marketing tasks had been undertaken by external agencies.


Having our own marketing department offers many advantages. It is very close to the day-to-day business and the strategic development of the company. Through digital channels it can promptly
– optimise the website and design it in a user-friendly way,
– develop illustrative campaigns with clear messages,
– stringently implement the corporate identity in print and digital fields, online and offline, internally and externally, and
– align marketing not only with the property but place the focus on the people.


Our marketing team is currently reworking our website according to SEO criteria. After all, being found quickly is one of the most important factors for success.

Authentic and innovative marketing is the basis for how we present ourselves, both internally and externally. The new corporate design displays the modern orientation of our company. Emotions, added value and motivation are the focus.


As owners, interested parties, business partners, applicants, friends and acquaintances, you are warmly invited to discover the inner workings of BB Estates. Our social media presence plays a central role in this. We want to achieve much more than rapid real estate sales through the social media channels. We show you what we do on a day-to-day basis, provide insight into our internal affairs, share our thoughts with you and present our favourite projects. You’ll get to know the BB Estates culture through our blog. This way, you’ll be able to get a complete picture of what we’re about, getting a feel for who we are and what we do.


Our company is growing and, with it, the team too – in terms of both quality and number. We focus on employer branding with social media as a tool. The task of marketing is to demonstrate the rapid development of the company to potential applicants. Exciting tasks and development opportunities at BB Estates are open to all employees, even future ones.


We’re putting our cards on the table. The slogan “we make a difference” is part of our brand promise and one that we live by in our daily work and on all channels of communication. Let the storytelling continue!



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BB Estates – Kick-off into the new year

We wish you all a great start to 2019, and a year full of success.


Our team spent their well-earned vacations in very different ways. Some visited their home towns, or spent a cosy holiday at home with the children. Others went for a stroll in New York’s Central Park, or enjoyed a beach vacation on the Maldives. But one thing has definitely been achieved: their batteries have been recharged. The team are on the starting blocks, ready to trigger even greater successes.


What will the year 2019 bring?


BB Estates continues to expand. We will be opening new office locations so as to be able to act speedily in situ. Which is why the subject of recruiting is also so important for this year. Our “We’re looking for you” campaign was already a success. We were able to recruit motivated, open-minded thinkers for our team. But we need additional reinforcements, as a result of which we are still looking for talented young people and experienced real estate professionals.


In the year 2019, we shall develop our international property portfolio further. We already offer some heavenly properties on Mallorca, ranging from charming town houses to villas with sea views and rural fincas. Just browse through the property descriptions – we guarantee you’ll get that ‘summer feeling’.


The digitalization of the company has concluded. In the next phase, digital transformation will now ensue. And what exactly does that mean?

Every company is different. But there are universal aspects of digital transformation. At a certain point, changes develop phenomenally. The dynamics must be anticipated and the company prepared accordingly. One example is the sudden rising prevalence of individual social networks. At this point, it is difficult to compensate for a head-start.

So, amongst other things, digital transformation means:

– Software solutions in companies in order to optimize or completely rebuild structures,

– Identifying, collecting and systematically evaluating important data, and

– Using social media correctly, i.e. using the appropriate channel for the target group and focussing on customer interest. Constant data analyses mean the company strategy can be optimized.


Digital transformation is a permanent process the goal of which is to utilise early warning signs and learning effects. Strategies and offers can be shaped individually on the basis of the information obtained.


So things remain exciting at BB Estates. You can continue to take part in our journey via our blog and the social media channels.


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BB Estates – A Christmas summary

Christmas is almost upon us and its magic can already be felt everywhere. The year is drawing to a close and it’s time to take stock.


2018 was a very special year for us.


After more than 40 years, we’ve given our company a brand-new look. The impetus for change came more or less exactly 12 months ago and, in the time since, we have turned everything on its head with a lot of passion and in record time. We developed a new name that represents the modern positioning of our company and, in the course of our rebranding, the logo and the website were also given a fresh face – all originating from our own ideas people.


The feedback from the industry, from customers, applicants, friends and colleagues was very positive and bolstered us in our realignment. We, too, were and still are amazingly proud of the successful rebranding.


We have changed a lot in the last year and have achieved our goals, so our whole team is also receiving a very special Christmas present. From 21 December until the New Year, everyone has been given time off to spend the magical Christmas period with their families. After this stressful and exciting phase, the batteries have to be well and truly recharged. After all, we’ve big plans for the coming year, too!


We will continue to be there for you, our business partners, customers and friends, with our expertise in all aspects of the real estate business. We’re in such a good position that we can deal with all tasks that come along in good time. At the same time, we have enough capacity to further develop the business strategy and keep it constantly up to date. That is our particular strength.


BB Estates continues to grow and is active on the market with a view to the future: Further milestones in the company’s development will be reached in 2019, including the opening of a new location. The details are still under wraps for now.


Here and now, we would like to thank you warmly for your support and for your confidence in us, both the team and the company. Your constructive and positive feedback in this exciting year was simply amazing.


Enjoy the winter in front of a flickering fire, take time for a festive meal with the scent of baked apples and candles or simply kick back and relax.


We wish you all a happy Christmas time with your loved ones and a great start to the new year.



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BB Estates – Moving digitally into the future

Digital revolution? Are you in a medium-sized company in the real estate industry? What sounds like a contradiction should have been reality for a long time.


Business is still running smoothly in the usual way. However, there is no way around digitization and the ensuing digital transformation. The digital revolution is very much comparable to the industrial revolution. So it’s high time to wake up.


Of course, the real estate industry uses several possibilities of the digital world. Online portals for object presentations, e-mail reception via smartphone, digital photography and a company website have long been standard. But beyond that? Why isn’t the industry further along?


It’s not because of costs, but rather the uncertainty and skepticism about new interfaces. In today’s world even a brokerage office needs specialists in marketing, innovation and IT. The message “We sell your house” will not be enough in the long run to survive in the market. A company is no longer viable for the future just with snappy exposés in the shop window.


The real estate industry is in the midst of an exciting transition phase and does not have to be old-fashioned in its presentation. To the contrary!


So what is needed to get equipped for the future?


Even for small and medium-sized companies without a marketing or innovation team, terms such as traffic, big data or design thinking should not be foreign words.


For example, the creative method of “design thinking” generates new customer-oriented ideas. It was developed by the innovation agency IDEO. Core elements are
– repetitive processes,
– clear brainstorming rules on visualization, communication, ideas, quantity and criticism,
– interdisciplinary teams for lateral thinking as well as
– mobile space concepts.


And in the company itself?


The most important thing is open-minded people. With an eye and a knack for the new paths that open up with innovative technologies. An efficient use of digital possibilities saves time.


A modern, open corporate culture appeals to employees with the required mindset. Because the salary often does not play the most important role.


At BB Estates we actively shape digitization and our own path of digital transformation. Our team is made up of characters with very different experiences. We live and love lateral thinking, innovation and storytelling. The BB Estates slogan “we make a difference” means: We recognize trends, rethink and provide impulses. Digital revolution? We are on it.



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BB Estates – Behind the Scenes

Our company was founded in 1974. Since then we have developed into a successful real estate service provider on the international stage. We fulfill living dreams and at the same time are professionals in the handling of sophisticated investment projects. With heart and passion, we do our utmost to fulfill the wishes and demands directed at us.


The relaunch of our website including the creation of this blog is part of our change of name from b&b Immobilien-Service GmbH to BB Estates GmbH. We want to tell you, the current and future owners, interested parties, business partners and employees, more about us. In our blog, you have the opportunity to get a deeper insight into the Company BB Estates, and we also have the chance to show you the background and details. We would like to share our fascination for real estate, concepts, innovations and shaping the future with you. We are currently in a particularly promising growth phase.


We report regularly on what is happening here. Behind the scenes of the company and in the real estate market. You will learn exciting things about current developments and our concrete projects. Whether personal details, opinions, assessments, experiences or market changes: You’re in with me from now on.


Some anecdotes from over 40 years of real estate experience will make you shake your head and smile. Our pool of experiences is almost inexhaustible.
Of course, it will also be about technical topics: we like to share our expertise with you. Professionally sound, informative and always up to date. Just as you are used to from us. It is our daily business and our passion to anticipate, use and shape innovations. We provide you with an overview from a professional point of view. Because that’s what we’re here for, and you can count on us.


Follow our development very closely from now on. It is as varied as a startup but has decades of background. Be inspired by our personal experience: We have a lot to report. You can expect a mix of factual information, exciting and amusing events in the real estate business, professionally prepared development trends and expert assessments.

We look forward to hearing from you, your interest and your opinions.



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BB Estates – The Rebranding

We would like to take you on our way to BB Estates GmbH.


We have been working in the real estate buesssin for many years, more precisely since 1974. The markets changed over time, so did the company. It was important to master challenges and not only to react to new trends, but also to actively shape them or even to be ahead of the times. We developed our business idea further and expanded our portfolio of activities.


The old company name adapted less and less to the actual business fields. Nor did it do justice to our international orientation. It was time to reposition itself by name.


The idea of rebranding matured for a while in the back of my mind. At the turn of the year 2017/2018, the decision was made in New York City. The new company name should reflect current and future corporate content. This is how BB Estates GmbH came into being.


In fact, name suggestions and initial logo designs were scribbled onto a napkin. Despite decades of experience in the industry, we felt a little reminded of the founding of Microsoft. Initially, a handful of computer lunatics worked in a garage, and it became the largest software company in the world.


The development of a logo, name, and the website was not given to an external agency but comes from our think tank. We did not want to leave the design of such important company elements to others but wanted to take it into our own hands. It is important for us to be able to stand completely behind who we are and what we do.


Less than 6 months later, all ideas had been implemented. Our team had worked with a lot of passion in record time.


As an alternative to rebranding, we could have decided to set up a new company. However, rebranding offers us and you the advantage of being able to build seamlessly on the basic framework and network developed over 40 years. Therefore the letters BB also find a home in the new name. Nevertheless, we can act like a start-up with many new impulses. In this way, we combine the best of both worlds: BB Estates – we make a difference!


Let us continue the journey together. We’re still going strong. See for yourself why we make the difference.



BB Estates – We are looking for you

We have just completed the change of name to BB Estates GmbH. We are looking for further reinforcement for our further expansion. Maybe you are the right one?


If the real estate is your passion and work is not only a duty but also your passion, apply to us. On the career page, you will find all current vacancies.
Depending on the field of application, we are looking for young talents, motivated lateral entrants or real insiders in the real estate industry.


For successful cooperation in our team, it is important that you are a lateral thinker, team player, and connoisseur of people in one. If a healthy portion of ambition drives you and you like working independently, you are right with us. We value people who are committed and wholeheartedly involved. With us, everyone lends a hand.
Strong communication skills, negotiation skills, and good manners are key competencies in our industry.


Since we operate internationally, you should have a good command of English. We also plan to expand our Mallorca business further. Therefore, Spanish speaking team players are very welcome.
A completed apprenticeship or ideally a degree qualifies you to become the candidate you are looking for. We assume that you are familiar with the current MS Office applications and in possession of a class B drivers license.


Even the job description of a 08/15 real estate agent is very complex. At BB Estates, your areas of application and development opportunities are even greater. Our activities range from on-site appointments to the conception and implementation of international investment projects.


And all this in a very special team.


Motivated new talents and lateral entrants also have a good chance of an exciting and diversified job with us. We offer experienced industry professionals with reliable knowledge of the perspective of being able to develop on their responsibility.


It is important to us that all team members support our corporate culture and stand behind their work with conviction. Being an employee at BB Estates means being able to develop yourself as part of a big company continuously.


You can find the details of our vacancies on our Careers page. Just take a look inside. We are looking forward to meeting you!



BB Estates – Real Estate Treasures in Mallorca

We are particularly fond of Mallorca. That’s no wonder. The sun-drenched dream island in the Mediterranean overwhelms with its charm. Our CEO Marcel R. Schneider is now very familiar with the island. In the future, we will continue to expand our portfolio of Mallorca properties. Our offer ranges from the idyllic small Finca to the luxurious villa. There is something for everyone.


We have been working with a local partner office since 2013. So we can pass on to you, our customers, real Mallorca insider knowledge. Our long-established local partner knows every corner of the sunny island. He learns of upcoming changes before the attractive properties are officially launched on the market. This enables us to act quickly and gives us access to real estate and property highlights that become available. We, on the other hand, are the marketing experts. Together we form an unbeatable team. Of course, we are regularly on site ourselves. The island has a lot of potentials – we want to use that.


Mallorca is very much in demand as a first or second home. The high quality of life on the island is a magnet for successful people from all over the world. The climate, security, medical care, and infrastructure of Majorca are excellent. With its international airport, the island is also perfectly connected to Europe’s major cities.

Almost every type of property can be found on Mallorca. Adventurous people get their money’s worth as well as island lovers and investors. You can choose between the city apartment, the villa with sea view or the newly renovated country house including a large plot. We also have exceptional luxury properties in our portfolio.


Who doesn’t want to look over old wineries from their Finca or enjoy the breathtaking view over the turquoise blue sea on their terrace?

Mallorca offers beautiful beaches, hidden rocky bays, and impressive cliffs. Lively holiday resorts alternate with picturesque coastal villages. In the hinterland, historic monasteries, dreamy villages and romantic wineries await your visit. Nature lovers also have a lot to discover. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Serra de Tramuntana, for example, is a spectacular mountain range with lemon plantations and olive groves on the mountainsides.


Buying a property in Mallorca is definitely an investment in your quality of life. We find the object of your dreams.



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